Superbolt was the world’s first to revolutionize nuts and bolts with the multi-jack bolt tensioner (MJT) in 1984. Since then, Superbolt has proven its technology in tens of thousands of successful installations.

Superbolt tensioners are designed as direct replacements for conventional nuts and bolts.

These devices can be threaded onto a new or existing bolt, stud, threaded rod or shaft. The main thread serves to position the tensioner on the bolt or stud against the hardened washer and the loadbearing surface. Once it is positioned, actual tensioning of the bolt or stud is accomplished with simple hand tools by torquing the jackbolts which encircle the main thread.

The jackbolts transfer the preload evenly into the main thread and, consequently, onto the joint. The main thread is tightened in pure tension.


  • Tremendous clamping force available
  • Low torque requirement – only hand tools needed
  • Safe method for installation personnel
  • Quick installation and removal
  • Accurate within 10% of specified bolt tension
  • Tightens stud/bolts using pure tension
  • Tensioner flexibility adds elasticity to studs/bolts to create a better bolted joint
  • Fits in restricted areas
  • Provides even tension from stud to stud

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